Rules and Policies

  • This is a Limited Private & Public Access Facility.
  • Membership is limited annual subscriptions only.
  • Guest Policy = Member plus 3 MAX (recommended donation $5 per person).
  • Member Birthday Guest Policy = Member plus 9 (recommended donation $5 per person).
  • Street Parking = parking lot reserved for landlord
  • Facility Access Hours = Secure access only Locks will allow entry into the building from 6:00am until 03:00 am – 7 days a week. Key cost is $100. Key Replacement cost is $100.
  • Restroom = Outside Port-a-Jon
  • Music: yes please
  • Code of Conduct = Please just act like you care and would like “the bowl” and “the membership” to live on. Remember we have your personal information tied to your access key.